Founded in May 1991, Automation R.L. Inc. is firmly established in all spheres of primary, manufacturing and biomedical industry SMEs.

A team of technicians, programmers will meet all your expectations in terms of expertise and applied solutions.

All contractors automation are not alike. Specialized in installation of treatment systems for drinking water and wastewater, Automation R.L. is characterized by an approach that combines expertise and partnership.

Synonymous with rigor and efficiency, the company name was soon to become a guarantee of quality in the industry. It seems that customers appreciate the Automation R.L. key, since the firm has grown steadily since its inception in 1991.

Today, Automation R.L. performs each year dozens of specialized automations mandates, ensuring that you benefit from cutting-edge expertise in the field.

The Automation R.L. staff devotes as much attention to its relationship with its customers to comply with the plans and specifications. Employees of Automation R.L. are indeed recognized in the market to encourage a climate of partnership and collaboration on all sites where they are called to intervene. This is an added value that you enjoy.

Because Automation R.L. knows how your deadlines are important, the company makes every effort to honor them.

Whether you want the services of a general contractor in the traditional or turnkey mandates, entrust your projects with Automation R.L., a trusted partner.