Voice Dialer Module V2.1 VD710

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We are the only distributor in Quebec.

The voice dialer ParaVox allows most alarm panels to transmit voice and pager messages. The ParaVox can warn users of most emergency situations such as theft, fire or flooding by calling the user and making it a pre-recorded message or by transmitting a digital pager message.

Input Voltage
12 to 16 Vdc (12.5Vdc typical)
Current Consumption
Typical: 100mA
Maximum: 200mA (with 2 PGMs enabled)
Power consumption
1 Watt
Zone Inputs
4 (N.C., N.O., 1K/2K EOL, 12Vdc input)
PGM Outputs
PGM Output Current
Operating Temperature
0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
Dialing modes
Pulse, DTMF
Message Storage Length
4 zx15s or 2 x 30s
Voice Quality
44,1 kHz sample rate with AGC
Dimensions (w/case)
16,5 cm x 15,2 cm x 2,8 cm
6.5 n x 6.0in x 1.1in